The first way to sort your waste is to not waste it!

Did you know that a third of the food waste we throw away could have been eaten? In Brussels, it means 19 kg of food wasted per person per year. That is way too much for the environment… and for your wallet. Just a few simple, common-sense actions are all you need to become a zero-waste expert.

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Organise better to waste less

Improvise with leftovers to reduce food waste

Buy better to waste less

Avoiding waste starts at the supermarket. If you only buy what you need, you will considerably reduce the amount you throw away.

Nothing goes to waste in the kitchen

Stale bread, bruised fruit, leftovers... nothing is wasted in the kitchen because everything can be turned into something else.

Organise your fridge

A quarter of the food we throw away has not even been touched! Storing food properly prevents wastage.