Neighbourhood composting

No space for an individual compost bin? Or maybe you’re keen to do composting with other people locally. There is sure to be a neighbourhood compost near you. The idea is simple: a communal compost bin that you share with your neighbours, who bring their food waste there in order to bring nature back into the city. The Brussels-Capital Region has already got more than 200 of these large bins… and we are only just getting started!

Where can I find a neighbourhood compost bin?

You can put this in the compost bin

  • Fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Coffee grounds
  • Teabags (but not pyramid-shaped bags)
  • Waste from your vegetable garden
  • Dead organic flowers and plants
  • Eggshells
  • Wood chips from deciduous trees (avoid conifers)
  • Untreated sawdust
  • Bark
  • Straw
  • Hedge trimmings with no leaves
  • Nut shells (walnuts, hazelnuts etc.)
  • Tissues and kitchen roll
  • Cardboard, egg boxes WITHOUT coloured inks (which contain heavy metals)

Do not put this in the compost bin

  • Sauces, fats and oils
  • Leftovers of cooked food
  • Waste of animal origin: meat, fish
  • Dairy products: cheese, yoghurt, cream
  • Bread
  • Earth, sand, ashes
  • Charcoal
  • Contents of vacuum cleaner bags
  • Synthetic materials
  • Iron and other metals
  • Cigarette ends
  • Coloured newspapers, magazines
  • Cut flowers from the florist’s
  • Compostable packaging

Share more than just compost

A neighbourhood compost bin is much more than just a place for turning organic food waste into something valuable. It is a place where neighbours who want to have a positive impact on the local environment can meet up. In short, you go there because you care about the environment, and you keep going back because it is fun!

More freedom

There is no need to wait until the collection day to get rid of your food waste. Do it on your way to the shops, during a walk or with the children – you can visit the neighbourhood compost bin whenever you want! Speak to your neighbourhood compost team to learn all about how it works.

Top quality compost

The great thing about collective composting is the quality of the compost produced. The variety of food and plant waste contributed by the users ensures that there is a wide range of materials to be composted. The final result is a very rich and balanced compost.

Free and available for everyone

Composting your food waste in the city has never been so easy, even if you do not have the space or inclination to do it at home. And if you want to take things further, there is nothing to stop you joining the site management team or even creating your own compost collective with your neighbours.

Do you want to start a new collective composting site with your neighbours?

Brussels Environment offers you the opportunity to obtain a grant through its call for projects: “Let’s inspire the neighbourhood”

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